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Get all of the functions from an object and its prototype chains

The following code creates an empty string that is later used to remove all of the function from the string. Afterwards, a set of objects with prototypal inheritance chains are then fed into the string.
At the end of all of this, a simpler function is created to remove a function from the string given a function name, but I can’t get this final function to work.
function withoutAll(funcToRemove, stringsToConsider) {
// Clear the target string
stringsToConsider = stringsToConsider.join(‘
stringsToConsider = stringsToConsider.substring(1); // Removes starting character
stringsToConsider = stringsToConsider.substring(0, stringsToConsider.length – 1); // Removes ending character
stringsToConsider = stringsToConsider.replace(/\)/gi, ”);

// Get a list of all functions in the string
var functionsInString = ”;
for (i in stringsToConsider) {
var fn = stringsToConsider[i];
if (typeof stringsToConsider[i] == “string”) {
function fnInString(…) {
return true;
functionsInString += fn + ‘, ‘;
} else {
function fnInString(…) {
return stringsToConsider[i].fnInString.apply(this, arguments);

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