Cpanel Whm V9.9.8 Full Nulled ((EXCLUSIVE))

Cpanel Whm V9.9.8 Full Nulled ((EXCLUSIVE))


Cpanel Whm V9.9.8 Full Nulled

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The easiest way to work in Ubuntu with Cpanel is to install the cPanel Server module for your version of Ubuntu. There are many options available for installing this module but I found the latest version to be the best and easiest to use. The goal of this tutorial is to explain how to install cPanel and/or Whm on your website for a single user or multiple website.

Steps 2 – 7: Installing cPanel on Ubuntu

While we are installing cPanel on Ubuntu here are the steps required to perform this action.

Install the latest version of Ubuntu MATE.

Download the zip file for the latest version of cPanel and for the latest version of Whm.

On Ubuntu Open a terminal and launch your web server by executing the following command.

(You can launch your web server using the next command: /etc/init.d/webstart start or you can look here for more details on this web server. You may also just use the /etc/init.d/httpd start command)

Here are the steps you need to run the following command:

sudo apt-get install cpanel

sudo apt-get install cpanel-lite

sudo apt-get install cpanel-full

This will install the latest version of cPanel and the latest version of cPanel Lite.

Log in to the WHM at and create a new user account with an email address and a password.

Click the Basic tab and Click the Home tab. Click “Help.” Click for a list of directories, documents, pictures, etc. (This is for the root directory.)

This will take you to the cPanel dashboard. You can click the Home button and then click the Home folder to get to the root directory. If you are missing the cPanel “Update” button, click the Home button. (You will see the list of directories, documents, pictures, etc. You need to use the Add New/Upload button or you can follow the link here to access the link to cPanel for this file server. The default account password is admin. You can change this password from the WHM by selecting the box and changing the new password.

Step 8:

If you had two domain names or three domain names, then you will need to go into each account you want to use on your server.

Click on the Domains tab.