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GroupMail Business Edition is a reliable utility, designed for users who conduct large email marketing campaigns.
The tool is designed to facilitate the management of rich emailing lists, multiple external databases, as well as a reliable schedule system. The tool can handle large groups, email tracking, as well as generate statistical data.
Moreover, it can easily create a backup for the contact lists, messages and other important data that you wish to store.
You can use the auto-responder function to send welcome emails, birthday messages, reminders or automate any type of answer.
Multiple social network profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ are also displayed in the program’s interface, next to the contact’s profile.
You can enable the tweet buttons in your emails so that the recipients can easily share the newsletters.
GroupMail Business Edition can connect to external databases such as SQL, MySQL, Access, Outlook or Act!.
Address books and other distribution lists can easily be imported from Outlook, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Exchange Server or PINE.
The program can send individual emails, but its remarkable feature is that it supports sending batches of messages, on demand or according to a schedule.
The application facilitates the quick transfer of emails, thanks to the multiple delivery connections it supports.
Additionally, it can bypass external SMTP servers, thus increasing the speed of the email delivery.
Moreover, group emails links are not integrated with the emails, which makes the messages more likely to be stored in the Inbox and avoid the Spam folder. A message can be sent to numerous recipients at the same time.
GroupMail Business Edition supports extensions to its functionality by subscribing to GroupMetrics.
It can retrieve real-time open rates, automatic click tracking, exporting clicks and opens or measure goals. The program can also monitor and process automatic unsubscriptions, opt-outs or bouncing emails.
Compared the Personal Edition, GroupMail Business Edition comes with email autoresponder, Outlook integration, bounce processing and 256 delivery connections.
NOTE: You can download GroupMail Free Edition to evaluate some of the features of the application.







GroupMail Business Edition Crack Download PC/Windows [Updated]

GroupMail is one of the most popular and useful software solutions on the web today. It allows you to manage your contacts and send e-mails in bulk to a group of people, all at once.

The software is easy to use, yet powerful. It has a very intuitive interface which makes it very easy to use. It can be downloaded on your computer as well as emailed to your mobile device. The application is also cross-platform compatible, meaning it runs on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

In addition to e-mails, the software can also be used for sending text messages, making calls, or sending faxes.

This package offers you a variety of features; list management and bulk mailing to hundreds or thousands of e-mails at once, sending automatic text messages, making calls, sending faxes, and much more.

Create Email Database

You can import contacts from various sources into your company or organization, including from Active Directory, and from Outlook, Office 365 and PINE.

You can create groups to categorize your contacts, whether they be personal, work, family or others. You can create the bulk emailer using either the Inbox or Outbox.

The program will check your language preference and automatically add it to your contacts. It will also perform extensive U.S. spell check and then auto-correct your spelling.

The Email Database will then be categorized into files based on your criteria.

Edit and Send Email Contacts

While you are in the Email Database, you can edit the email addresses, or remove them from your database. You can also export the contacts to text files and then import them into other programs. You can also make notes, or do whatever else you need to do.

Send Emails in Bulk

Once you are finished, it is time to start sending out your files. Bulk email systems allow you to send an entire database of your contacts at once to a mailing list of people. This will dramatically increase your response rate and speed up the processing time.

The program will help you calculate the estimated cost for your bulk email campaign. You can choose to pay for the campaign up front, or pay it off on a monthly basis. The estimated cost will also account for how many emails you intend to send, as well as the total number of recipients.

To calculate the cost you will need to specify your list(s), the number of recipients, how often

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This edition is designed for users who want to conduct email marketing campaigns and enable multiple distributions lists for their email campaigns.

GroupMail is a comprehensive distribution list management (DLM) and email marketing tool. It can send electronic newsletters, emails, and bulk emails. Emailing is easy, it’s automatic, and you can fully customize the e-mails by adding graphics, fonts, images, text, and HTML codes.
You can create several email lists such as Newsletters, Announcements, Meetings, Conferences, Contests, or anything you wish!

Boris_Diamant is a mail transfer agent (MTA), a tool designed to ensure that email is delivered to its final destination. It also serves as an MTA that facilitates the distribution of email on an organization’s network. It is capable of handling multiple queues, each for a certain service.
For more information on the recipient, the MTA receives either the recipient’s email address or a valid username. After that, the MTA checks the actual destination for the email’s address or the recipient’s username. If the email address or the recipient’s username is not found, the MTA forwards the email to another MTA for delivery. Once it receives a confirmation that the email was successfully delivered, the MTA informs the sender, the email was successfully delivered.

The free version of ClearEmailer is limited to two queues and one mailbox. Moreover, the program can automatically open and process the emails.

Clearlaser is a groupware appliance with integrated unified messaging (IM) and emailing functionality. The program uses a powerful and robust engine to manage all incoming, outgoing, internal, and external email. Clearlaser can send, receive, store, process, and store attachments such as email, Instant Messaging (IM) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) messages. Moreover, the program can generate reminders, create SMS messages, and process scheduled or time-driven messages, using a variety of programming languages. It can track the open and click rates of email campaigns, create automatic forwarding, and track the activities of its users such as chat, email, IM and VoIP. In addition, the program has several useful features, such as a calendar and task manager, a reference manager, a database manager, and a document manager. It can also be used for other tasks, such as email and IM scheduling, scheduling, and monitoring.

Clearsuite is a fully integrated anti-spam tool. It can scan any incoming

GroupMail Business Edition Crack

*Automatically create and schedule group emails as many times as you want
*Convert individual contacts into lists, groups, as well as distribution lists, groups
*Backup and download contacts, contacts items, contacts areas, contacts names, messages, and notes
*Send individual emails and bulk emails
*Email tracking of all activities, automatic click tracking, open and click tracking
*Easy integration with your email client.
*Email and track marketing campaigns according to the time, amount and days
*Easily configure and customize all the fields in a message
*Extract messages by date, email, sender, subject, type, or by being saved in a folder or list
*Easily create personalized tags, add personal notes to your contacts
*Decision support for each contact, including their family and connection information
*Store information in external databases such as SQL, MySQL, Access, Outlook or Act!
*Import information from the GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Exchange Server or PINE software
*Track the open rate and time of the open
*Search for any specific contact in the address book
*Define rule for automatic unsubscribing
*Eliminate spam in your Inbox with an access control
*Track the replies to each email, reply to each email individually
*Send automated outbound and inbound emails
*Process and store of all the activities
*Export all messages you have tracked in an Excel format
*Backup your contacts to an external database
*Convert a mailing list into a group of contacts
*Create and send reports of the messages
*Compose e-Newsletters for your contacts
*Track the open, click and unsubscribe rates
*Process automatic unsubscribes
*Set a schedule when the messages must be sent
*Mail merge, Create invitation letters
*Create the web pages for your contact list
*Create newsletter or personal registration form
*Use other functions and properties of the program
*Protect the program with an activation key. You can use different passwords.
*When the program is active it has full access to all the files of your folder
*Protect the program with an password
*Define the period for which the license is valid, if it does not exceed 30 days.
*A new version is released on a regular basis, additional features are added every time.
*Provides a free 30-day trial version, activated with an activation key
*Professional license is available for

What’s New in the GroupMail Business Edition?

The contacts can be sorted by Name, Lastname, Email, Phone, Birthdate, Gender, Postal Code, State, Country, Title, Company.
GroupMail Business Edition comes with many powerful features.
It can store mail and contacts in Outlook CSV or MySQL databases.
The import of Contacts from the different browsers is performed via Web, FTP, Windows Autofiles or using an Autosave option.
GroupMail can work with many different email distribution servers such as POP3, IMAP, Exchange, Google Apps or Webmail platforms.
Store your Contacts, Send mass Emails, Create Distribution Lists, Create Templates, Send Sequences, Change Message Headers & Body, Disable or Enable HTML.
You can import Your Contacts from Web Services, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Blackberry, Palm, IPHONE, Palm OS, and more.
And much more…
Note: If you are a commercial user, the license key for GroupMail Enterprise Edition gives you the right to use the software on 5 different computers.
GroupMail Enterprise Edition Key Features:

View your mail and contacts in the very same interface.
Multiple mail and contact management tools in one package.
Advantages and bugs of the software.
How to activate GroupMail Enterprise Edition.
How to get to the full version.
How to purchase a GroupMail Enterprise Edition License.
How to do a demo, buy now.
What is the difference between GroupMail Pro & GroupMail Enterprise Edition.
What is the difference between GroupMail Free & GroupMail Enterprise Edition.

The license key to activate GroupMail Enterprise Edition will give you the right to use the software on up to 5 different computers.
GroupMail Business Edition Key Features:

Email Marketing – Dynamic templates, Auto Responders
GroupMail Enterprise Edition gives you the ability to send out bulk emails as well as mass emails in an easy way.
You can create templates on the fly by adding your own content to the message.
You can manage them directly from the interface or use Windows Explorer on the computer.
GroupMail Enterprise Edition also has some advanced features which allow you to use your contacts and mail together in the same window and view your contacts any time you wish.
You can set rules for how recipients receive your emails.
You can send email messages to several recipients at the same time.
You can also create a batch of emails from your database and schedule your messages, so that you don’t need

System Requirements:

Windows – 7/8/10/XP/Vista/Server 2008/Server 2012/Server 2016
2.4 GHz dual core processor
2 GB video memory
Display: 1366×768 screen resolution
2.8 GHz dual core processor
Display: 1920×1080 screen resolution
Minimum supported OS: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/Server 2008/Server 2012/Server 2016


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