Oracle Jinitiator Download For Windows 7 64-bit Requirements

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Oracle Jinitiator Download For Windows 7 64-bit Requirements


Oracle WebLogic Application Server 9.2 is a server-side component. Oracle Fusion Middleware. WebLogic Server can be downloaded from the Oracle Support web site. The upgrade consists of the following:

Oracle Shared Components. Dofactory. Extend the application to support multiple databases in a single application. Windows. Deploy multiple applications to an Oracle Weblogic Server. Installing Oracle WebLogic Server JRE 9.2. Oracle WebLogic Server Java. Windows 10 (32bit).


You need to download the JRE from the Oracle website.
You can download Java version 8 for 32-bit Win 7 machines.

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Jul 16, 2015
I’M TRYING TO INSTALL ORACLE JINITIATOR FROM HERE A VISUAL: Oracle Jinitiator for Windows 64-bit Requirements 
I’ve tried this solution on Windows 7 but it’s not working. Do you have any idea about this?
oracle jinitiator x64 for windows 7 64-bit
Aug 24, 2015
with no success, Jini error I have a CITRIX on Win7 64 with these jnix on JRE7 32 with no success.
oracle jinitiator download for windows 7 64-bit
Oct 05, 2015
The install is OK, but I can’t run the Application. After some research I found out that I need to install JRE1.7…
Oracle Jinitiator For Windows 7 64-bit Requirements
and then the application is launch OK. However the CITRIX web application run on oracle jinitiator for windows 64-bit from JRE1.6 and the SysAdmin confirms this, and says that he can’t do anything to install JRE1.7, so I’m considering to do a fresh install of CITRIX.
oracle jinitiator for windows 7 64-bit
Oct 27, 2015
Is there any way to install JRE7 from the JDK7 from sun. I have
oracle jinitiator download for windows 7 64-bit
Oct 28, 2015
as JRE7 from Oracle, But when I’m trying to install the JDK7 I have this error: JDK7: 3194388.
JDK7: Unable to access jarfile 
oracle jinitiator for windows 7 64-bit
Oct 29, 2015
and write\install JDK7,
oracle jinitiator download for windows 7 64-bit
Oct 30, 2015
Oracle JDK7: MBeanServerDelegate
oracle jinitiator for windows 7 64-bit
Oct 31


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