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“Reach for the Sun has been developed for classroom use to show the relationship between the roots, the leaves, the flowers, and the pollination structures. Students learn about the relation-ship between day and night in the plant world, about the climate and the temperature of the different parts of the earth, and how plants receive and take in sunlight, water, and nutrients. The game is designed to be very easy to use, with a mouse pad and a pen that only require placement on the desk.”

About This Game:
The Sunflower is a beautiful 3D scene with a human-like face. Based on the work of Prof. Mark DeLoura, Reach for the Sun is designed for classroom use to show the relationship between the roots, the leaves, the flowers, and the pollination structures. Students learn about the relation-ship between day and night in the plant world, about the climate and the temperature of the different parts of the earth, and how plants receive and take in sunlight, water, and nutrients. This is a Windows (and Linux) only game.


REACH FOR THE SUN is a registered trademark of Mark DeLoura. It is licensed exclusively to Montalto for use in educational and non-commercial activities.

GAMEDESK is a registered trademark of Montalto.

For commercial use of Reach for the Sun or other Microsoft software programs, please contact us at info@montalto.comBundesstraße 216

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Reach For The Sun Features Key:

  • Steam achievement Reach for the Sun
  • Key features: several new enemy and weapons and many new game graphic effects


Reach For The Sun Crack Free Download For Windows

Reach for the Sun is a match-3 puzzle game in which you use crystals to harvest the sun and turn it into an alchemy of useful life-sustaining materials. You may not have thought of life’s basic needs for much of your life, but one thing is for sure: throughout history, people have strived to fill all their basic needs. Most of the time they did it the old way: with sweat, hard work, and their bare hands. In the past, most of our basic needs were fulfilled mainly through hard work. But as humans, we have become bored of this traditional process and we are now relying more on science, technology, medicine, and, of course, science.
The game premise is simple. Grow crystals, create useful life-sustaining items like food, medicine, and materials, and use them to fulfill all of the seven basic needs of life. The game is a puzzle game, but the puzzles aren’t easy. Do you remember the final level in the video game Tetris? That’s what we want. You think you’ve played the final level in Tetris, but you haven’t played the final level in Tetris. It’s going to take you several attempts to realize you were actually at the final level of Tetris, not the first level.
You may think that something as simple as a match-3 puzzle game could not be engaging, or could not take you far enough as an educational game, but you’re wrong. Reach for the Sun not only takes you far enough, but it actually takes you places that you might have never thought to go.
About the Developer
Reach for the Sun was developed by Izzet Studio, a game developer based in Cambridge, MA that specializes in the design of match-3 and causal puzzle games. Izzet Studio was founded by two former top research scientists from the MIT Media Lab. They left their academic positions to join Google in 2004 to explore the potential of mixed reality to make scientific and educational learning easier and more meaningful. Unfortunately, the opportunities to apply their research were limited at Google. They felt that the industry would have a better chance of achieving the bigger vision that they set out to accomplish when working with an independent game company. Their first game, Bridgeworks, was released on Steam in September 2012 and on App Store in July 2013.
About the Educator Support:
A completely free game, Reach for the Sun comes with easy to follow instructional video tutorials that demonstrate all the basics of


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GameDesk liked Reach for the Sun’s design because it adds a new perspective on the evolution of plants by illustrating the relationship between growth and flowering and the ways that roots, leaves, flowers, and pollen are connected. Most people aren’t aware of the complexity of the plant body. Reach for the Sun draws that out. It’s part of the large-scale goal of GameDesk, which is to see the link between gaming and learning. Games that can be used in the classroom are a valuable part of that. The graphics are beautiful, and they come together well with the gameplay.The graphics also fit well with the concept of the game. We’re very focused on helping kids to become more aware of how different types of plants grow and to learn how they connect.

Reach for the Sun: Grow with Reach for the Sun!In Reach for the Sun, players have to guide an avatar through the world. It’s a game about exploration and growth. Plants have different abilities as players progress through the game. Can you grow an apple tree or a giant mushroom? Maybe even a vine? The story unfolds in real time as players interact with the world, and they learn the functions of plants through a story that is narrated through the game.Reach for the Sun is designed so it can be played at any time of day and with no prior knowledge.

Players in Reach for the Sun interact with plants by rolling various buttons. This is a fast-paced game, but it’s also pretty forgiving, so you don’t need to memorize a lot of steps in order to play. Plants can be broken down in different ways, but you only need to know the basic parts.The game is designed to teach some concepts through the progression of plants. The main point of this game is to demonstrate the changes that take place when plants grow and change into different forms.

But if you’re looking for something much more different, you might also want to check out Reach for the Sun’s music video![above image:]

Reach for the Sun: Reach for the Sun has received lots of praise from critics and educators.Mark DeLoura [Senior Advisor, White House Digital Media Office] (Washington, D.C.): I’m very glad to see that Reach for the Sun has received such positive reviews. When I spoke to senior educators about Reach for the Sun, they all thought it


What’s new:


Reach for the Sunlight () is a 2003 French historical drama film directed by Christian Carion. It was shown at the Montreal World Film Festival on February 1, 2003.

1789: At the end of the French Revolution, children think nothing of the injustice that their parents and grandparents have suffered for so long. They want to see some sunshine, some human warmth, while the world outside has burnt away into ashes. There are still plenty of skeletons and silence still…
In the Atlantic, just off Brittany, a young woman named Alicia Salomé owns the ship La Brava. She has plenty of life and strength, and she is generous and cheerful, and does not feel oppressed. She is accompanied by two childhood friends, the son of the owner of a small village, Maurice Benjamin, and a gypsy from the south, Hélène.

The ship is waiting for a suitable wind to take it out to sea. In Brittany, the inhabitants await the storm which will toss them about. It has already damaged their boats, the last wagons of their provisions, and the remaining corn. The Revolution had promised the farmers more days for their crops, but it has been replaced by hunger and cold and confusion. Now the storm has arrived at last.

While Hélène dresses the wound on her right leg, Salomé drags out of the dugout her favorite sparring partner: the Napoleonic Tete de l’Aigle du Nord, the ship’s great white bird, standing nearly a meter high. In the Tete’s claws there is a glove belonging to Count Jerome Bonaparte, which the gypsy woman wants. While she is on the march with Salomé and the ship towards the village, she calls out to the bird, to not let her lose her prize. She takes Count Bonaparte’s glove off its hook near the Tete, which then follows her. Now he takes a ride with her.

Then the wind changes and Alicia’s ship sets out out for sea. The French Revolution has named her La Brava, but from here on, she will call herself the Ship of Hope because she will receive not only the desperate tribesmen from Brittany, but also a young Frenchman who is dying of an incurable disease.

The young captain of the ship, who is only just eighteen years old, is Jason LaGarde, the son of a


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    System Requirements For Reach For The Sun:

    OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (32-bit & 64-bit versions)
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz or above
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9
    DirectX: 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 3 GB free hard disk space
    Sound: DirectX 9
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Notes:
    *Requires registration on
    **Requires registration on Steam
    ***Activation on Steam
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