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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.93 / 5 ( 4104 votes )
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You are the Elden Lord of a certain style, a legendary hero who was once part of the Arkonic Order, the leaders of the Elden Ring 2022 Crack, who keep their memories in the body of a statue.
As a descendant of Arkonic Knights, you pledge your loyalty to the people of Elden and the Arms of Order.
In a peaceful world, you can join the battle with towns full of people and enemy camps full of monsters of all types.
Stay alive, and you will be gifted a new form of self-replenishing armor.
Unite with other heroes, and your defense power will increase.
Find the knight that made the statue move, and complete the ritual to restore his soul.
Overcome the world with strength of will, and your strength will increase.
■ Device Requirements
* Supported devices
PlayStation®4 STEAM®
PlayStation®4 PRO
PlayStation®VITA® system
PlayStation®3 system
High-definition display
PlayStation®4 system
PlayStation®3 system
DS system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®4 system
PlayStation®4 system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®2 system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®2 system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
Xbox 360® system
XBOX 360™
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system
PlayStation®VITA system


Features Key:

  • Action RPG where magic, weapons, and classes blur.
  • Six Classes Equipped with a Variety of Skills.
  • Mechanics that depict the feeling of playing an action game.
  • An inviting tutorial for first-time users.
  • Game mechanics that are easy to grasp but difficult to defeat.
  • Main Scenario

    An Elden Lord, the leader of the Free People of Wind, who rose in revolt against the tyrannical Kingdom of Elden and regrouped a group of warriors from other nations to depart for the former Elden Kingdom.

    They made peace with Elden and became the Guardians of the Realm. As a result, they acquired a territory of their own and carved a kingdom here and there across the Lands Between.

    The world of Elden grew in every direction and filled with wilderness and settlements.

    The united forces of the Elden Lord have sealed several entrances to the Dungeon under the guidance of a Guardian, aiming to defend the homeland of the Guardians against the enemies that have yet to meet them.

    Seven Elden Lords are scattered across the Lands Between. Would you dare to challenge them?

    Join the Guardians of the Realm and engage in the thrilling story of your own adventure. In order to succeed, there is no limit on your potential.

    Use the various elements – ground, sky, and water – to overcome the challenges of each zone. Battle wild enemy creatures with magic and weapons. Acquire massive wealth and power in the Dungeon.

    Evolving your character will have profound effects on both your class, and on your game. Experiment to find a path that suits your play style.

    Are you ready to take on the challenges of taking on the world?

    System Features

    Dive In a World Rich with Drama


    Elden Ring Free

    FANDOMElden Ring Download With Full Crack is a sandbox, role-playing game set in the Lands Between. It is a story of a man’s journey across the country and the struggle of the magic and the government to control the Lands Between.
    In the Lands Between, the Son of Elysium, Tarnished Elden, and the Elden Ring are warring, and the kingdom is dying.
    · Feel the power of using the Elden Ring
    You know the Elden Ring is powerful.
    The Elden Ring exists in a world where the Elden Order, a high power organization, is supposedly able to handle everything. However, since the Elden Ring is a descendent of the first Elden, they were able to do whatever they want, and they have created their own organization, the Elden Order.
    The main character, Tarnished, is an ordinary man who has an undeniable desire to use the power of the Elden Ring, and he also encounters difficulties.

    ■ Main Character: Tarnished, the Son of Elysium
    A hero who awakens in the Lands Between. He is an ordinary man who has an overwhelming desire to use the power of the Elden Ring and fight alongside the government forces.
    ■ Combat System
    Tarnished fights to protect his home, his people, and his precious power. With two parties simultaneously going on, you must succeed in both of these to win.
    The right timing of a fight will never go missing, but a fatal attack can also strike you in an instant.
    Thus, if you fail to fight as you should in the middle of a battle or get too old for a battle, you will lose.
    ■ Customization
    You can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic that you equip, as well as develop your character according to your play style.
    ■ Fighting Style
    You can direct and control your own strategic battle, participate in a party-based battle, and fight in a non-battle with a monster.
    ■ Online Battles
    In addition to multiplayer, you can directly connect with other players and travel together, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
    ■ Character Display
    You can customize your character, including the frame, face, hair, and hair style.
    ■ Art and Texture
    Beautiful graphics and detailed art have been created. In addition, you can enjoy the feeling of being inside the world through enhanced textures.

    Game Overview
    ■ Main Character: T


    Elden Ring (Updated 2022)


    A Vast World Full of Excitement

    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

    As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.

    Explore a vast world that combines old and new games

    With a hot and dynamic battlefield that changes constantly

    Full of excitement and a sense of freedom

    A variety of places to visit

    And a variety of dungeons to enter

    For the first time in the history of games, you can enjoy all these elements in one title by playing a single game

    Such an exceptional gameplay will no doubt leave you with a feeling of joy and contentment

    Play in the middle of the action on the battlefield. With numerous foes lurking in the vast world, it’s not easy to fight off enemies. Sometimes, they attack from behind, sometimes they attack from below. Neither your attacks nor your reflexes will be able to hit them all… So put your endurance to the test!

    Throughout the game, acquire various weapons and equip them as you progress. As you become stronger, you will be able to equip weapons that have high durability and powerful attack effects. Keep in mind that your weapons and


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on Blu-ray plus 2 games

    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on Blu-ray plus 2 games

    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on Blu-ray plus 2 games

    The Best of the Uncharted Franchise on Blu-ray!

    An “era of innovation” was certainly coined for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune back in 2009, and with it, we now have the first of two excellent adventure titles to pry the New Gamne’s Blu-ray, Uncharted: Drake’s Deception.
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    Key features:

    • Experience how it would be if it was a new world to your characters

    • Story about becoming a Lord of the Elden Ring from the perspective of the main characters

    • Single player and multiplayer modes

    • Various multiplayer modes, including co-op, 4 vs 4, 8 vs 8, and 8 vs 7

    • Easy access from your mobile device to all the online modes

    • A number of environments to enhance your game-play

    • Various power-ups and upgrades for you to customize your characters

    • Various types of enemies to add tactical challenge

    • Various types of traps to enhance your combat skills

    • Various weapons and items to enhance your combat skills

    • 9 unique player characters

    • 20 character classes

    • 60 official maps

    • Customize your character’s appearance

    • 72 weapons

    • 80 skill trees

    • 24 classes of magic

    • 30 classes of fortifications

    • 15 classes of armor

    • Various traps

    • Over 900 items

    • 60 official equipment items

    • Over 900 official equipment items

    • Two-handed sword, bow and arrow, and slingshot are included by default

    • Create your own heroes

    • Earn additional rewards through the course of your adventures

    • Subscription-free game that will never expire

    Now, let’s see some screenshots of the game:

    1) Main view:

    2) Basic Skill Training:

    3) Combat:

    4) Upgrade Magic Tree:

    5) Equipment:

    6) Arch-Temple Training:

    7) Further Enhancements:

    8) Search Party & Mansion Quest:

    9) Various Battle:

    10) Customize with Adventure Party:

    11) Treasure Map Quest:

    12) Combat Quest:

    13) Play with Friends:

    14) Online Warrior Party Adventure:

    15) Create your own Story:


    1. Run game with crack or keygen

    2. Copy paste the crack code to the file apph


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Flexible and Transformable Muscles.
  • Special Unique Magic Attacks and other innovative mechanics.
  • Options for customization.
  • The entertaining eye-catching animation and feel of a long-awaited game.
  • Three different worlds, with diverse quests.
  • More than 50 characters as standard equipment.
  • Option to purchase equipment and other items.
  • Fully implemented social features.
  • Open-world structure and fully customizable user interface.
  • Rich and deep character growth system.
  • 70+ hours of game content!
  • Open-world gaming with two-way turn-based battles.
  • Live Events, PvP Domination, and other drama-filled quests.
  • Vast and hugely detailed environments with original art.
  • Deep and engaging fantasy drama.
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    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.93 / 5 ( 4104 votes )
    Update (1 days ago)


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